If singles on MySpace are to be judged for the quality of an yet-to-be-released album, CoCoComa‘s upcoming LP Things Are Not Alright is shaping up to be an awesome collection of summertime music. It’s too bad it’s not going to be released until the fall.

The Chicago band’s bread and butter is definitely garage pop. The hooks in “It Won’t Be Long” and “Enemies” are as sunny and infectious as they come.

Before the album releases on Goner Records this fall, the group is planning a second tour of Europe. Here in the States, they’re playing an Oblivians and Gories reunion show in Memphis on June 20. On June 22, they’ll be at Permanent Records in Chicago with Ty Segall and Charlie & The Moonhearts.

CoCoComa – “(Tryin’ to) Read My Mind” (from CoCoComa)

Here’s a list of five songs from Bill Roe, Lisa Roe, TJ Brock and Anthony Cozzi.

five tunes

1) The Hollies – “Then The Heartaches Begin” (from Evolution) – “This is part of a general obsession with The Hollies. Great jangly guitars and harmonies that are similar to The Byrds, but slightly wussier (read: more anglo). I especially love the fuzz guitar over the heavy strumming acoustic and the descending bass line.” – Lisa Roe

2) Nazz – “Forget All About It” (from Nazz Nazz) – “Featuring great Todd Rundgren. This is his first big-time band from the late ’60s/early ’70s before he went solo. This song is totally epic – shredding guitar solo & the bells man, the BELLS!” – Bill Roe

3) Cave – “Butthash” (from Raw Vibes) – “Cave is a local Chicago band and an off-shoot side project of Warhammer 48k. I have had their tape in my pick up truck’s tape player for months. The first song on the Raw Vibes tape and also the Permanent Records Perm003 split with the California Raisins is called Butthash, believe me they smell like it live, is a heavier krautrock psychedelic jam that is perfect for cruising the city in my ’94 red GMC Sierra.” – Anthony Cozzi

4) The Dirtbombs – “Chains Of Love” (from Ultraglide in Black) – “It’s just good, Motor City rock ‘n’ roll.” – TJ Brock

5) The Kinks – “King Kong” (b-side from an ‘Arthur’-era Kinks single) – “Closest The Kinks ever came to psychedelia? It’s debatable. Regardless, it’s a great tune with a snaky guitar line & the obligatory super-catchy Ray Davies chorus! This song is so good – we’re gonna try to cover it (thereby ruining it for everyone)! HA!” – Bill Roe

CoCoComa – iTunes | Amazon | Goner Records


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