Fergus & Geronimo

The Woodsist label has been too good to the world lately. With releases from Wavves, Woods, Kurt Vile, Vivian Girls, Blank Dogs and Ganglians, it’s hard to look at another label when those guys are rocking it so consistently. It’s also been a great time for Tic Tac Totally, who have been releasing work by So Cow, Lover! and Charlie & The Moonhearts, to name a few.

So to hear that Fergus & Geronimo are recording work for those two labels alone makes the idea of their music all the more appealing.

And then you hear that music. Oh my God, that music. It takes everything wonderful about early Detroit soul and mixes it with the golden age that would later comprise the Nuggets compilations.

Fergus & Geronimo are Jason Kelly (of Wax Museums) and Andrew Savage (of Teenage Cool Kids). The two of them record everything by themselves, which means they have some friends join them on the road.

Fergus & Geronimo – “Tell It In My Ear”

Keep an eye out for a 7″ on Woodsist and one on Tic Tac Totally. They’ll be touring the U.S. in August with Teenage Cool Kids and are working on their debut LP. Here are five tunes that the two of them have been listening to.

five tunes

1) The Beatles – “Long, Long, Long” (from The White Album) – “A beautiful and haunting Harrison track that doesn’t get talked about a whole lot. Paul plays the Hammond on it very beautifully.” – Andrew Savage

2) Pavement – “Motion Suggests” (from Wowee Zowee) – “Another beautiful song with an organ. A great progression that seems to go nowhere (in the best way possible), and one of my favorite guitar solos of all time. This song loiters around my mind like a friend that keeps saying goodbye, but never leaves. Amazing!” – Andrew Savage

3) King Tuff – “So Desperate” (from Was Dead) – “I managed to score this record a few months ago at a store in Atlanta. The amount of times I’ve listened to it at this point is insane. Whatever the situation, I instantly feel relaxed but excited, and like everything is alright. If it’s a day when I can open the windows and listen to it loud as fuck, then life couldn’t get any better. – Jason Kelly

4) The Fresh & Onlys – “Peacock and Wing” (from The Fresh & Onlys) – “I had heard about this Bay Area band through Woodsist Records not too long ago. I put them as a top priority of bands to see at this year’s SXSW and it payed off. They were great! Picked up the LP, and it’s great, too. On the album, “Peacock and Wing” is kind of a stand-out song with its energetic but dreamy feel. The song instantly reminds me of a slew of different pop bands. The rough quality and the mono mix add a solid layer of charm. Perfect from start to finish.” – Jason Kelly

5) The Marked Men – “Still Waiting” (from On the Outside) – “This band has been a huge influence on both of us and the fact that they’re our friends and from our town just makes them that much more influential. This song is amazing. There are lots of emotions uniquely expressed throughout the song: frustration, optimism, sorrow. When the chorus hits, it sinks into your heart and into your brain. You’ll pretty much have to go out of your way to forget it.” – Jason and Andrew

Fergus & Geronimo – MySpace


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