The Groucho Marxists

Pop punk is now the standard for the suburban landscape of music. The genre produces sounds that range from lazily sappy to infectiously happy.

The Groucho Marxists certainly fall into the second category. The New Jersey foursome produce a brand of pop punk that rings straight past their ultra-pun of a moniker. Although their album title MANIFESTO! would suggest otherwise, their music isn’t exactly revolutionary. It’s what everybody wants from pop punk: songs about heartbreak, romance and good times.

Currently, Chris Gobo Pierce, Brian Schwinn, Austin Faxon and Gary Zampini are recording two 7″ EPs to be (hopefully) released this fall. They’re also currently writing material for a second album and a stage show.

The Groucho Marxists – “Was That So Hard?” (from MANIFESTO!)

Pierce took some time out of his busy schedule as the self-proclaimed “Mr. Mom” to send along a list.

five tunes

1) KISS – “I Stole Your Love” (from Love Gun) – “I was a KISS kid. Infatuated at the age of four, I worshiped them long after many I knew laughed at them. This song is still awesome, regardless of whether people think they are cheesy or cool.”

2) The Bronx – “White Guilt” (from The Bronx) – “This band is too fucking tight for their own good. They put 99% of bands to shame. Us included. Joby plays a Dan Armstrong which is all you need to know.”

3) The Melvins – “Charmicarmicat” (from International Pop Underground Convention) – “The yardstick for any band who thinks they are heavy. Or cool. Or smart. Or funny. You wish you could be The Melvins. They have never released anything bad. Ever.”

4) AC/DC – “Can I Sit Next To You Girl” (from High Voltage) – “One of the greatest riffs by the kings of bar riff rock. One of the few Young and Young ONLY songs, but Bon gives his input on one of the creepiest vocal breaks ever.”

5) Uncle Tupelo – “Postcard” (from Still Feel Gone) – “Jay Farrar is better than Bob Dylan. I said it, and I’ll fight you over it. He rocks harder than Dylan ever could, and he tugs at your heartstrings all the while. They made American music, and if you don’t like it, you should leave the country.”

The Groucho Marxists – iTunes | Don Giovanni Records | MySpace


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