So Cow

Forget everything you know about pop music. Put it out of your brain. Is it out? No? OK, well then pretend that it’s out. OK, so it’s out now? That’s what I thought.

Now listen to So Cow. Once you get that sound in your brain, let that be your standard for pop music.

Brian Kelly is the mind behind So Cow. His music hearkens back to the best things about The Dead Milkmen and King Missile.

Kelly’s songs are gems in the world of pop music. He’s pop lord of Tuam, Ireland. From his excellent covers (try Deerhoof’s “The Perfect Me”) to his new eponymous album of remastered tracks from Tic Tac Totally, his music is a delight to listen to.

So Cow – “Moon Guen Young” (from So Cow)

Currently, So Cow is touring the United States and “worrying about swine flu.” Kelly is also working on writing more songs and recording two albums. The man’s ambitious. He was also kind enough to send along his five tunes.

five tunes

1) Sparks – “At Home At Work At Play” (from Propaganda) – “Best song for driving around the Irish countryside and pulling faces at farmers.”

2) Home Blitz – “My Town” (from Home Blitz) – “Best song for walking around my home town and feeling less intimidated than I would be by a load of spotty angry teenagers standing outside Connaughton’s hardware shop.”

3) Pigibit5 – “Speedoguy” – “A very new Korean twee noise pop grouping. This is all sorts of awesome.”

4) Big Dipper – “She’s Fetching” (from Heavens (plus ‘Boo Boo’))- “This is the kind of thing I like, if anyone asks.”

5) Robyn Hitchcock – “Sounds Great When You’re Dead” (from I Often Dream of Trains) – “I’m listening to I Often Dream Of Trains all the time now, so expect two albums to sound like a ropey version of him.”

So Cow – iTunes | Insound | Tic-Tac Totally | MySpace


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