Wizzard Sleeve

Perhaps the greatest threat to the state of Alabama is the music of Wizzard Sleeve. OK, not really. The greatest threat is probably some kind of epidemic or biological threat or something.

Still, the band has a spooky sound. It’s full of doom, but they still manage to keep an interesting and eclectic use of electronic music.

Wizzard Sleeve’s Chad Booth has sent in the ballsiest list I’ve gotten so far. Instead of settling for a lot of hip standards, he starts the thing off with a monster ballad. Amazing stuff.

Wizzard Sleeve – “Pterodactyl Meltdown”

Today (May 1), Wizzard Sleeve will be starting fires and riots in Cleveland (not really, but they will be playing a concert). They’ve currently got a tour tape available and plan to release a new LP on HoZac in late ’09. Here is the aforementioned epic list by Chad Booth.

five tunes

1) Zebra – “Tell Me What You Want” (from Zebra) – “Too many good times had to this crack a lack attack. Now detroit represents.”

2) U.N.L.V. – “6th & Baronne” (from 6th & Baronne) – “Snort a powdah bag you bitch ass cheerleader.”

3) Rodriguez – “Sugar Man” (from Cold Fact) – “Sittin’ back, chillin’ weird Steve sleeeeve style, people’s records burning in the sky.”

4) Rodriguez – “Only Good for Conversation” (from Cold Fact) – see above

5) Magazine – “Definitive Gaze” (from Real Life) – “It starts everytime we get in the van….boom bap deeeerooooh.”

Wizzard Sleeve – Jeth-Row Records | HoZac Records | MySpace


3 responses to “Wizzard Sleeve

  1. Rodriguez, so good!

  2. fuck! great idea this blog! fag cop!

    • Thanks, Damn. In America, this comment translates to, “Oh no! This blog is a great idea! Cigarette, police officer!”

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