Every now and then, I hear a song produced today that could be from a teen movie in the ’80s. Nobody has created a better song to foot that bill than Lover! with “I’ll Be There.”

Sure, it doesn’t have the cheesy synthesizers or melodrama, and yes, it’s stripped down to a more lo-fi sound, but if I were John Hughes (and let’s all thank the Lord that I’m not), I would most certainly try to get this song in there.

Lover! is the creation of the magnificent Rich Crook. Rich has a resume in rock ‘n’ roll that may not look too flashy, but sure enough, it’s amazing. He was once a member of The Reatards and The Lost Sounds, both incredible groups, both featuring the talents of Jay Reatard.

If a record store near you carries one of the many terrific power-pop 45’s by Lover!, go and buy it right away.

Lover! – “I’ll Be There”

Currently, Lover! is in the process of relocating to Chicago. In June, he’s recording a six-song EP for Big Legal Mess Records. Rich was kind enough to share five tunes he’s been into lately.

five tunes

1) The Left Banke – “Pretty Ballerina” (from Walk Away Renee/Pretty Ballerina) – “A real nice song that always reminded me of a young woman trapped in some institution somewhere, scratching at the walls.”

2) Blast Off Country Style – “You’re Mine” (from In My Arms EP) – “A perfect pop song if there ever was one. I really enjoy the ‘jangliness’ of this tune. Something I would like to do with my own songs.”

3) Thurston Moore – “Ono Soul” (from Psychic Hearts) – He whispers his vocals a lot in this one. I never could pull that off without sounding very pretentious. Leave it to the pros, I guess.”

4) Unrest – “June” (from Imperial f.f.r.r.) – “Bridget Cross sings this one off the Imperial record. A very haunting and sad song to me, at least.”

5) 13th Floor Elevators – “Street Song” (from Bull of the Woods) – “It DOES not get any better than this. So many places you would love to be and to be doing while hearing this one.”

Lover! – Insound | MySpace


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  1. so an incredible experience here now and then also again when I came back

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