Screaming Females

It’s been a steady couple of months where I’ve really only listened to two albums on my iPod: Richard Hell & The Voidoids’ Blank Generation and The Buzzcocks’ Singles Going Steady. Even after praising the latest waves of lo-fi music and indie rock, nothing new has held my attention.

Then, some undoubtedly ultra-hip blogger (who I don’t currently remember) was kind enough to point me and the rest of the world to the MySpace page of New Brunswick’s three-piece punk band, Screaming Females.

After initially hearing the song “Bell,” I was pissed off at my employers for creating a work environment where it’s socially unacceptable to blast music and start dancing.

Screaming Females – “Bell” (from Power Move)

The vocal work of Marissa Paternoster, the lead singer of Screaming Females, can readily be compared to that of Siouxsie Sioux, except Paternoster’s screams alone could knock The Banshees on their asses. It’s straight ahead, no nonsense punk music. The force behind King Mike’s bass and Jarrett Dougherty’s drums really drives every song home. The songs are short, the hooks are amazing and the harmonies are killer.

Their latest album, Power Move, was released by Don Giovanni Records on April 14 and is wonderful. The three were kind enough to pass along five tunes they’ve been listening to lately.

five tunes

1) JEFF the Brotherhood – “Screaming Banshee” (from The Boys R Back In Town) – “Because it’s totally psychedelic.” – Marissa Paternoster

2) TacocaT – “Pony” (from Shame Spiral) – “Because I can really relate to what she’s saying.” – Marissa Paternoster

3) The Clash – “Clampdown” (from London Calling) – “Best song ever written. What is he saying in the intro?! The intro sets up the song so well. It goes from big, long full notes to this tight, short polyrhythm.” – Jarrett Dougherty

4) Beyonce – “Diva” (from I Am… Sasha Fierce) – “Cause it’s hot!” – King Mike

5) Stupid Party – “Closer” (from Stupid Party) – “Cause it’s pretty!” – King Mike

Screaming Females – Insound | Don Giovanni Records | self-release


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  1. Great idea for a blog / website / whatever the hell this is! I’ll be visiting early and often.

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